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Instant Meals

Dehydration of Your Own Home Cooked Food.

You can get your home cooked food or from your favourite restaurant dish. We process it in such a way that it will last up to 6 months without losing its colour, aroma, taste and nutrition value. We DO NOT use or add any preservatives or chemicals.

Dehydration of our home cooked food.

Want to be free from any hassles, we also provide our own list of Food Menu. Only on order.

Dehydration of HERBS

Dehydration of your home grown Herbs.

We provide specialised services to provide dehydration of your home grown Herbs, or Herbs that are seasonal and which you want to send abroad to your family and friends that are not available in that country.
  • Parsley,
  • Methi,
  • Bathua,
  • Mint, Etc.

Vacuum Packing

  • We also provide customised services of Vacuum Pack your own Paranthas, Theplas, Rotis and Pickles

  • We also provide home cooked Paranthas and Theplas on order.


We Do Not use any chemicals or preservatives in any of our products.