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What is food dehydration?

Food Dehydration is a process used to preserve foods for later use, this process removes moisture from food and the foods get compact to extend the shelf life of the food. You can conclude it as Drying foods for later use.

What is vacuum packing or vacuum sealing?

Vacuum Packing is a method used for food preservation, while packing or sealing food the airs are sucked out from the packets so that no air remains in the sealed or packed packets, after this process one can make sure that the packed foods will remain fresh and tasty for few more months, the shelf life may vary depends on type of foods.

Do we add any preservatives or chemicals while drying your foods?

No, we don’t add or use any preservatives or chemicals for dehydration of your foods, we aim to use clean and safety methods for drying process in room temperature.

What is the shelf life of dehydrated foods? Can home foods be dried?

helf life of dehydrated foods is increased by 4 months. Yes we are specialized in drying your favorite home made foods.

How do I contact Preeti's Kitchen?

Just call on the numbers given above at top or use our contact page to send us your queries or requirement.

Are dehydrated food natural?

Whether it's your own home cooked food or the food cooked by us, Dehydrated food is fully 100% natural and does not contain any preservatives or any additives.

Can Rotis,Parathas,Theplas be dehydrated?

Rotis,Parathas & Theplas can be vacuum packed.

We are not in Delhi.How to send packets to our children studying abroad on a regular basis?

Just call us .We can guide you & also can make arrangements to deliver to any location in the world.

Do we need to prepare food differently for dehydration?

Yes sertain food need little different preparation for the best reasults. Please inquier with us.

How importent is the way the food is deliverd to the facility?

Very importent
1. Food should be prepare on the same day,
2. Food should be contained in steel vasel,
1. The food container should be properly marked.

Can the food be prepare a night before and store in refigrator and send to the facility for dehydration on the next day?

The food should be prepare on the same day and send to the facility as soon as possible. The fresher the food, The batter the outcome.

How long is the process of dehydration of food ?

The process takes three days.

How long is the process of vacume pakeing? What all can be vacume packed ?

Same day. Parathas, Theplas, Rotis & pickles can be vacuum packed.

In what sizes is dehydred food avelable?

We have 3 sizes.
1. Small pakets -Single meal for 1 person,
2. Medium size paket for 2-3 people,
3. Large size for 4-5 people.

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