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Dehydration of foods and Vacuum Packing

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We are Preeti's Kitchen provide wide range of dehydrated meal.

Dehydrated meals are pre-cooked meals that are stored and re-hydrated whenever you want to eat . It retains its freshness and nutritional value. It decreases the weight and volume ( Up to 90%) and so is convenient while you are travelling. Dehydrated meals have a shelf life of minimum of four months from date of packaging.

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Personalize services

We provide professional service with personal touch

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Great Food

We understand every customer food preparation is different. Therefore we taste almost 95% of food to provide the closest preparation direction for Rehydrate of your food

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Innovative at work

We at Preeti's Kitchen are always trying to innovate and trying to bring in best practices to provide the best taste possible and best service at all time

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